Professional digital photo organising services including scanning of print photos and conversion of slides, negatives & videos

No project is too small, too big or too messy.
Professional Photo Organiser NSW sorting photos

Professional digital photo organising services including scanning of print photos and conversion of slides, negatives and videos

No project is too small, too big or too messy. 

Digital Photo Organising Services

Sorting photos


Just need a little help …

You’d rather do it yourself but not sure where to start or what to do?

Let’s chat!

For only $55, you can ask all your photo organising questions during a 30-minute Zoom consult.

I use screen share software to offer direct assistance and troubleshoot any issues if needed.

Sorting printed photographs & converting to digital format

Digital Organising Session

Sort my mess!

Using screen sharing technology, I will organise your photos on YOUR computer. We will first consolidate your photos from all your sources, remove any duplicates then sort them into a simple folder structure. Your photo library will then be backed up in multiple locations including an external hard drive and on a cloud service.

Unlimited sources

Photo sources can include devices such as mobile phones, computers, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, or online storage such as Amazon Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.

Cloud storage technology for your photographs

Digital Maintenance

Keep me organised!

This service is available for clients who have previously hired Sort My Photos to sort their digital photos and don’t want to be bothered to organise their photos themselves on a regular basis.

A maintenance session is an annual checkup where I organise the most recent year’s worth of photos and make sure all your memories are backed up safely.

Scanning, Videos, CDs & DVDs Conversion Services

Scanning slides

Scanning Services

Professional digital photo organising services including scanning of print photos, negatives & slides and conversion of videos.

Preserve your printed photos, special keepsakes, negatives & slides into high-resolution digital copies on a USB flash drive, and safeguard your memories for future generations!

Photos 8”x10” or smaller
$1.00 per photo

Oversized photos up to A3 size including scrapbook pages 12″x12″ with detailed embellishments
$2.00 per page

Negatives & slides
$1.50 per photo

VHS video conversions

Video Conversions

Do you have old VHS tapes stored away?

You may not even know what treasures are hidden on them!

I’ll convert them into a digital format your family can enjoy.

$40 per VHS

CDs & DVDs conversion

CDs & DVDs

Do you have CD’s & DVDs that you can no longer use because your computer no longer has a disc reader?

Send them to me and I’ll transfer those files so you can enjoy them again.

$12 per disc

Album Design

Capture special memories

Photo albums

Family Yearbook

Love the idea of creating an annual family yearbook, but can’t seem to find the time?

Let me do the work for you! I’ll turn your photos and stories into a book the whole family can enjoy.


11”x11” hardcover layflat photobook includes up to 70 pages.

Optional add-on ($200)

Send ALL your photos from the year and I will select the best photos to include in your album!

School years yearbooks

School Years Photobook

Instead of banishing your child’s cherished drawings and paintings to a storage box or garage to collect dust, why not let me assemble those proud masterpieces into a beautiful photobook.

Art, craft, school work, awards, sporting ribbons and memorabilia.


12” x 12” imagewrap hardcover photobook includes up to 70 pages.

Special events albums

Custom Keepsake Album

For documenting the really special moments in life such as weddings, anniversaries, adventures, etc.


11” x 11” deluxe hardcover layflat photobook includes 20 pages.