Have any questions about how digital photo organisation or scanning services work?

Read answers to frequently asked questions below and if you haven't found the answer to what you're looking for, feel free to contact me directly.
Got questions about digital photo organisation or scanning services

Have any questions about how digital photo organisation or scanning services work?

Read answers to frequently asked questions below and if you haven’t found the answer to what you’re looking for, feel free to contact me directly.

FAQs – Digital photo organisation


What is a digital organising session?

A digital organising session is the solution to help you with your digital photo overwhelm. Think about how many photos you take in a day, multiple that for each day in the year. The total of those photos will add up very quickly!

I will use screen sharing software to organise your digital photos on YOUR computer. Together, we will first consolidate your photos from multiple sources, then sort them into a simple folder structure and remove any duplicates. Your photo library will then be backed up in multiple locations including an external hard drive and a cloud service of your choice. You are then left with ONE organised photo library containing all your precious memories.

What does the end result look like?

In the end, you will have ONE central photo library that is organised in a simple folder structure and properly backed up to the cloud. Your photos and videos will be organised together into year / month folders. If you have existing organisation in place, I will do my best to keep that intact and merge this into the final photo library.

How long does it take?

Every session is unique! Keeping that in mind, most projects are completed within 3-4 weeks, though the exact length will depend on your current state of organisation, the number of photos in your collection and your computer and Internet connection speed.

How much does it cost?

Our introductory offer of $500 includes unlimited photo sources, e.g. devices such as mobile phones, computers, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, or online storage such as Dropbox, Google Photos, iCloud, etc.

The session fee does not include an external hard drive. It can be helpful however, to start with a brand new external hard drive for peace of mind and to ensure there is enough space.

If you do not already have cloud-based storage, you will also need a cloud subscription such as:

Prices vary for each cloud service and storage option you select.

You DO NOT need to purchase anything before our initial consult, as I will make recommendations for you, based on your situation.

How long will I need to be available?

You will need to be available for the initial consult for about an hour and then again for an additional hour for the final wrap up call at the very end of the project. During the time in between, I will work independently via screen share and will communicate with you via text message. Your computer will need to be available for me to do my work. You are not required to be at your computer during this time.

What if I do not live near you?

A digital organising session can happen from anywhere in the world via the screen sharing software.

Is the screen share program safe?

The screen share is a private meeting. You have to authorise the screen share each time in order for me to access your computer. When you close the screen share program, I no longer have access to your computer. You are always able to watch me work and see everything I do. If at any time you need to close the screen share, you can!

Why should I back up my photos?

Unfortunately, things happen… external hard drives fail, natural disasters destroy your belongings, things get lost in a move. What if that was your only copy of your most treasured memories? You need a cloud-based backup for peace of mind.

FAQs – Photo scanning services

Scanning slides


What is the charge to get started?

There is no deposit required to get started. You will pay to post the items to me. I scan them and send an invoice when the project is completed.

Do I get the photos back?

It is completely up to you. On the Project Request Form, you will indicate if you want me to return the original items in addition to the digital files.

How do I get the digital files?

The digital files are sent to you via the post on a USB flash drive – one is included in each scanning project at no extra charge.

How are the digital files organised?

I create a digital folder structure that will match your physical organisation. For example, if your photos are organised into envelopes by year, I will create digital folders that match those years – each envelope will become its own digital folder.

No organisation is required for this project – you can just send me a box of photos! – but any organisation you have, I will match digitally.

I’m nervous to post my memories...

If you are nervous about posting, I recommend sending your items to me in smaller batches. You don’t need to put everything in the one box, at the same time. It is also a good idea to pay for tracking.

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